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  • Robbies' Turn

    When Billie, Robbie and Ty get together, you know somebody's gonna get fucked. Tonight it's Robbie's turn to suck cock and get a pounding. Robbie gets super turned on by Ty's big dick and shoots a huge load.

  • Axel Rhodes Solo

    This scene started out as a solo with Axel, but Robbie was passed out and wouldn't move, so we incorporated that into the solo scene. Axel shoots all over Robbie for good measure.

  • Morning Threesome

    Christian, Jacob and Robbie are having a sleepover. Jacob wakes first, horny as hell, and starts sucking on Robbie's dick. When Christian wakes up, he's mad because he's left out of the action, but seeing his monster cock erect gets the other boys extra horned up and before long it's a sucking and...

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