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  • They are gone, now just fuck me!

    David is alone in the apartment, the other three boys went into town without him. As soon as he is alone, David takes his phone to call Aslan, he said that the way is clear. Aslan opens the door, he found David, completely naked, jumps on him to kiss and caress. It's gonna be hot!

  • I also love motorcyles... and bikers ;)

    While out one night on the town, Thomas Fiaty is with a couple of friends and they pass a McDonalds. Thomas wants to stop and get a cheeseburger and asks the others if that’s okay. Ok with us they respond and Thomas heads in. His friends decide to keep going after all figuring that Thomas will...

  • The bar is not open yet, but I am!

    Chester decided to walk alone in the streets of Prague. He enters a bar, but the bartender Carl informs him that the bar is not open yet. That said, as the boy is kinda cute, he offers to stay and have a drink with him. Carl asks what Chester in Prague and as he says he is there to have fun, Carl...

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